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Tuesday, July 29 2014

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  • Based in DFW (Dallas Fort Worth) Metroplex, we offer Internet, WiFi, Long Distance, and Network Services. We are planning to enter the Local Dial Tone business as well. In other words, the next true Telco that cares about you, the customer!

    Dennis M. Richie, died Wednesday, October 12, 2011 at his home in Berkeley Heights, NJ. He was 70.
    Some of you might ask who was Dennis? Well for thoughs of you wiho don't know Dennis worked for Bell Labs, where he was the principal designer of the C programing language and the co-developer of the UNIX operating system, with his longtime collaborator Ken Thompson.
    UNIX was a paradigm shift from a fixed records world of IBM, and others of the time. With out UNIX you would not have had LINUX, Apple's iOS, PalmOS and JAVA.
    To me, it was like the lights where turned off. Rember "Sex Drugs and UNIX".
    Dennis, I and the world will sorely miss you. Good Luck and have a great trip.
    - C. A. Harrison Oct 14, 2011.
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